The home of the world’s first octuple champion.  Boxing has become popular in the region and the entire archipelago has adopted it as a consequence of Western influence. However the way boxing has evolved here is somewhat unique. Notable in this evolution practiced by known boxers is the innovative footwork and maneuvers employed from the…

Sea Explorers

Plunge into the waters of the world’s center of biodiversity. Explore the vibrant marine life with our team of seasoned divers and enjoy the sea creatures that vary from island to island. You can choose to savour it for a few days or extend the adventure to sail around the entire region.   Experience the…

Specialty Coffee

Savour the aroma of a specialty coffee sourced from local high-quality green beans. Brewed and served with a passion for the product, you will enjoy your coffee like nowhere else. Experience the Visayas with us!

Craft Beers

Enjoy  our variety of handcrafted beers brewed by adapting various foreign techniques bringing about the taste of malt with the kick of local ingredients. Indulge in the spirit and the moment, and consider that while you do so, you are taking part in conserving indigenous endangered species.   Experience the Visayas with us!