More Than A Sweet Tooth

  Whether you want a single layered cake or a gravity-defying multi-tiered creation, we’ve got you covered. Delight in the most deliciously moist, flavoursome treats housed in an incredibly detailed edible art that will have you talking about it for weeks. Satisfy your sweet tooth meaningfully, as every delicious mouthful actually helps to empower and skill…


Experience a tradition of sophisticated craftsmanship.


Enjoy the beat of indigenous music.

An in-depth Contextual Experience at the Heart of Tropical Asia

Anhi diri bai! is a Cebuano phrase inviting you to come and visit. Cebu, a metropolis of more than a million people is the centre of commerce and industry in the the Visayas.  The creative hub of the region, cultivated by its rich history and culture and superb craftmanship is amply demonstrated across the whole…