Experience Sports and Wellness at the Heart of Tropical Asia

Kabaskog is the Cebuano term for Wellness.

Cebu is characterized by amazing coastlines, limestone plateaus, and coastal plains together with rolling hills and rugged mountain ranges that traverse the northern and southern lengths of the island. The waters surrounding it form part of the world’s center of biodiversity. A perfect backdrop for a fitness routine either for hard core training or a pleasant exercise regime. In a region of more than a million people, a growing number of health conscious and wellness advocates have opened up multiple exercise options to help deliver physical fitness.  

Join the many communities that challenge physical and mental strength from basic to high-intensity interval training. Or sweat just your frustrations out through various exercise options. Afterwards you can cool down indulging in detoxifying routines that provide tranquility and aid good health.

Visayan Experience
Sea Explorers Philippines

Start the journey by letting us know what you would like to experience at info@visayanexperience.com. As soon as we receive your email, we will take it from there and arrange your unforgettable Visayan experience!

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