Experience Culture & Crafts at the Heart of Tropical Asia


Kultura is the Cebuano term for culture while Gamã is the term for handicraft.

In the Philippines, Cebu has long been recognised as the the cradle of creativity! Its handicrafts have undoubtedly earned international recognition. The intricate and sophisticated designs on furniture, furnishings, accessories and even couture are a trademark  of its inhabitants creativity. Similarly, an island gifted with great musical talents, Cebu offers depth in music and the performing arts. An island-district of soul and craftmanship, Cebu is undeniably the creative hub of the country.

Even before the region was invaded, the Visayans were recognized for the way they dressed. Adorned with ornaments made of tortoise shell, mother-of-pearl, precious stones, giant clam shells, and especially gold. Gold abounds widely in the region that it is part of the normal ensembles of the locals in varying degree. Moreover, the Visayan clothing and textiles differ according to cost and current fashions. The Visayans also have a love of singing and as such music is a significant part of everyday living.

HoliCOW Gallery Store
HoliCOW Gallery Store

Journey with us and get a glimpse of creativity the Cebuano way.

Start the journey by letting us know what you would like to experience at info@visayanexperience.com. As soon as we receive your email, we will take it from there and arrange your unforgettable Visayan experience!

Experience the Visayas with us!

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