Visayas: The Heart of Tropical Asia

Discover the Visayas,
the cradle of cordiality and sophisticated ingenuity
at the Heart of Tropical Asia.


The Visayan region of islands span a total of 71,503 square kilometers of cultivated terrain surrounded with irresistible turquoise blue waters of vibrant marine life. Historically inhabited by the Pintados, tattooed light to dark brown complexion populaces, the region is home to Asia’s legion of warriors where its descent of valor now manifests in its inherent artistry.  The home of heartwarming friendliness that comes naturally, an unforgettable kinship will be ushered by the English language, a consequential advantage, widely spoken like a native.   

Experience a pleasant getaway to one of its islands, Cebu. An island district of world class craftsmanship, rich history and irresistible hospitality.  Embark on a journey that unravels pleasure the moment you land on its doorsteps. The Mactan International Airport welcomes you with its ingenuity, your gateway to experience distinct Visayan delight.


Experience the Visayas with us!

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